Module 9

Did you fulfill the requirement to make your first post no later than Wednesday in the discussion? Yes

Did you fulfill the requirement to post at least three times in each discussion topic between Monday and Friday? Yes

Did you fulfill the requirement to post the answers to the prompts in your blog no later than Sunday? yes

Quote your best post(s) from the week and explain why you feel these are the best.

  • “Bachelor’s Degree from a four-year college or university in Information Technology, Instructional Design, or Education Technology related field (Master’s preferred)”

I believe this to be the most important qualification of them all. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in this field proves that the candidate is devoted to the field and has a lot of knowledge in the field. “In view of this lack of precision, before progressing into teacher training, it seems necessary to delineate the competencies a university teacher should have in order to be able to teach in virtual learning environments, and also to set out the methodological criteria cited in the literature for the design of training activities”(Guasch, Alvarez, & Espasa, 2010).

I feel strongly towards the importance of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree to be qualified for this Instructional Designer position. I believe college degrees are the most important qualifications for professional careers.

Quote several of the best posts from other students. Explain why you chose the ones you present.

“I definitely agree that having hands on experience is important when applying for any job, however not everyone who obtains a degree has that many years of hands on experience if they’re just coming out of school and into the workforce. In this case, do you think employers should take more chances on giving someone fresh out of school an opportunity to obtain hands on experience or should they automatically be disqualified or not considered for the position?”

Melissa Gomez

I couldn’t agree more with Melissa’s post. It is difficult for new grads to land careers due to their lack of experience. Employers should not automatically disqualify candidates who lack experience. They should be given an opportunity to prove themselves to be sufficient for the position.

“As the world is changing and becoming more of a village through the internet connectivity or the World Wide Web, it is important for people to be well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to adjust accordingly to the ever-changing world of technology. According to Guasch, Alvarez, and Espasa(2010), “knowledge of teacher support technological services, basic computer knowledge to be able to use the necessary technology and come specific knowledge about multimedia and useful educational software” (p.201)”

Aeman Alabuod

I really like the job Aeman posted. From reading the qualifications it seems like a very interesting job. Who wouldn’t want to work for Apple?

What did you learn in the discussion this week that will be useful to you or that changes the way you view something?

From this week’s assignment, I became familiar with many e-learning jobs particularly instructional designing. I was also presented with the qualifications for most of these jobs. My goal is to the get into the IT field and work as a Cyber Security Analyst or Engineer. While conducting research for open positions in the e-learning field, I came across several Cyber Security jobs that interested me. It was nice to not only learn about jobs in the e-learning field but also in Cyber Security.


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