Module 8

Accessibility and Universal Design

After doing some research on accessibility and universal design, I really caught an interest in the topic. I learned the importance of incorporating universal design and accessibility when developing anything from an operating system to an online discussion board. Designers need to be sure to design things a way that helps the majority of users operate the technology at ease. By doing this, designers will be able to provide flexibility, simplicity, minimal errors, redundancy, and avoidance of side effects. This will enhance the user experience for most users. We have to keep in mind, however, that it is impossible to adhere to every individual’s needs. John shared an interesting experience regarding universal design’s lack of compliance with people that have special needs. Some of the content provided by new forms of technology are not accessible to certain people. As a result, various technology tools have to be implemented to make up for this lack of accessibility. It was interesting to read John’s post about some of the new technology tools being used today such as JAWS. It is intriguing to see what technology has come to.


The Copyright Act is something that we should all be familiar with. We all run into copyrighted work on a day to day basis making it important to be aware of the laws protecting copyright. Copyrighted work needs to be handled in such a way that laws are not violated. Having ownership of an item doesn’t give you full rights as a user. There are certain rights we have as a user of copyrighted work. Knowing our rights as users will give us the ability to utilize the work to its full extent without crossing any boundaries. Melissa provided an interesting example of user’s rights. She mentioned that teachers and librarians have the right to reproduce copyrighted work as long as it is used only for educational purposes. This is very interesting to me because I thought that reproducing copyrighted work was illegal under all circumstances. Becoming familiar with the Copyright Act is also beneficial from an author’s point of view. As an author, you want to know what steps to take to protect your work from being claimed by someone else and from being reproduced and sold to others causing the original author to lose profit.

Learning Objects

I learned many fascinating things from conducting research on learning objects and from reading classmates’ posts. The goal in implementing learning objects into curriculum is to enhance the learning experience. One thing that interested me specifically was the uniting of instructional design and game design. This is a very successful learning technique as I have witnessed myself. Myself and I’m sure many others have noticed how quickly many kids today are learning. Students are becoming technologically inclined at a young age and due to this, they have the ability to take full advantage of educational games. This provides excitement in most children and makes learning fun. This is also a way to motivate children to want to increase their knowledge. Aside from this, I also caught a deep interest in a learning model provided by Laurie that stressed the importance of learning objects and consisted of “presentation, practice, feedback.” I believe this to be a very effective model as I have experienced myself.


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Did you fulfill the requirement to make your first post no later than Wednesday in the discussion? No I posted on Thursday


Did you fulfill the requirement to post at least three times in each discussion topic between Monday and Friday? yes


Did you fulfill the requirement to post the answers to the prompts in your blog no later than Sunday? yes


Did you fulfill the requirement to reply at least two classmates’ blogs on Saturday/Sunday? Not yet, but it is my goal to do so.


Quote your best post(s) from the week and explain why you feel these are the best.

“This incorporation of instructional design in game design really brings excitement to learning for children. I have a 3 year old boy and it is amazing to see how much he has learned through educational games. I bought him an ipad for Christmas and I have to say that it was a great investment. He learned the alphabet, how to count, and his colors all through these games and he has had a blast while doing it. These instructional designers do an excellent job breaking down information in a way that makes it easy for kids to learn and have fun. The uniting of instructional design and game design has also create a sense of independency among children.”

In this post I was able to provide an experience of mine that helped prove the success of uniting instructional and game design and also show the importance of learning objects.


Quote several of the best posts from other students. Explain why you chose the ones you present.


“Another factor of learning objects is on its strength as “presentation, practice, feedback” model (Mayer, 1999). The student is provided with the learning object, an unlimited amount of time to practice and then a computer driven test with immediate scores.  This is a great way for students to learn as they can listen to the information over and over until they grasp the full objective of what they are learning. With all the technology available to teachers and students there is more opportunity for students and teachers to learn and teach by.  When these learning objects are used correctly the students learn how to learn better and as a result will be more employable.”

Laurie Hanna


Laurie provided an excellent learning model that promotes the use of a learning object. She also provided reasoning as to why this learning model is successful

“ I found from my interview that this is very much a problem for CSUSB. Much of the information that is created for courses and web material is not created in the right format and so many of these documents cannot be accessed with the various machines that are available to help students with disabilities. The Assistive Technology Coordinator for our school is working to get everyone compliant as is mandated by the state, but there is limited resources and money to ensure for complete compliance.”

John Penn


John’s post was very informative and he shared with us his personal experience with the problems in Universal Design at CSUSB.

What did you learn in the discussion this week that will be useful to you or that changes the way you view something?


This week I learned about copyright, learning objects, accessibility, and universal design along with the important role they play in the learning environment. This information will definitely change my views on many things such as how to handle copyrighted material as a user, the benefits of using learning objects to deliver information to students, and the importance of implementing technological tools to compensate for the lack of the accessibility to people with special needs.


One thought on “Module 8

  1. Your description of gaming and kids learning made me think of a study I just read that used online reading games with developmental college students. The students responded that they liked the activities online better because they were games. The online students had more successful outcomes in post assessment than the face-to-face students. I guess we’re all kids who like to play games : )


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