Module 5

Review of the Guest Speaker session: write a summary of the key topics that were included in the discussion along with a summary of the process. You are to analyze the content presented including the Q &A period. Also discuss advantages and constraints of synchronous online discussion based on your experience of the session. The meeting will be audio recorded for your review.

I would like to start off by saying how informative this meeting was. I wasn’t to make it synchronously due to my work schedule but thanks to the recording I was able to obtain all the information I missed out on. I think it is obvious that the main constraint of synchronous activities is that of time. It is extremely difficult to get the whole class together at one time due to external obligations. Having access to a recording of the meeting is a great way to resolve this issue as many of us have experienced here in ETEC 501. The main advantage of synchronous activities is being able to ask questions throughout the lecture and receive immediate responses. It is common for questions to arise as we listen to the lecture so being able to ask questions is an excellent advantage. In this synchronous session, Mr. Chabolla discussed many different trends, challenges, along with new developments in e-learning for higher education. One area that really caught my attention was some of the new developments. Gamification is a really interesting technique in e-learning that creates motivation toward learning and also enhances students’ critical thinking. It was also very interesting to find out that CSUSB has their own 3D printer. The concept of 3D printing has always interested me and it is something that I would like to look further into. This session with Mr. Chabolla introduced me to many new concepts, however, I feel that the last section where students asked questions was the most informative. Students asked many questions that helped Mr. Chobolla share his experience with the concepts related to our class material. His explanation of how CSUSB incorporates the concept of the Community of Inquiry was really informative. Overall, this synchronous meeting had a positive impact on my understanding of the structure and process of implementation of learning tools in e-learning. Prior to this meeting, I wasn’t aware that Instructional designer played a large role in the way professors design their courses. It is nice to see that there are many people involved in the design of the delivery of instruction because it is always more advantageous to have many different perspectives come together.

2. Summarize this week’s discussions. Use this template to structure your production:

Did you fulfill the requirement to make your first post no later than Wednesday in the discussion?


Did you fulfill the requirement to post at least three times in each discussion topic between Monday and Friday?


Did you fulfill the requirement to post the answers to the prompts in your blog no later than Sunday?


Did you fulfill the requirement to reply at least three classmates’ blogs on Saturday/Sunday?

I will comment on classmates’ posts before the deadline

Quote your best post(s) from the week and explain why you feel these are the best.

“Group activites that consist of securing computers to the extent that keeps the professor from breaking into the systems. This will give students the hands on learning they need that will enhance their skills significantly. This will also motivate students to want to improve to prove themselves that they are capable of securing systems.”

I believe this activity is an excellent way to motivate students to want to learn more along with creating excitement in learning.

Quote several of the best posts from other students. Explain why you chose the ones you present.

“Hybrid classes allowed me to succeed and learn more about the material being taught because course materials were placed online, such as lectures, PowerPoints, etc., allowing me to review what would be taught before coming to class and have more time to get into deeper discussions and small group activities.”

Kimberly De Leon

I agree that reading the material before a face to face session helps students get a better understanding of the material being presented. It is a great idea for students to familiarize themselves with the material so that they have at least a slight understanding before they are presented the material a second time.

“The kinds of classroom based activities that would be difficult to apply in cyberspace would be projects or assignments that are very complex e.g., a teaching methods class where there is a great need for instruction, modeling and scaffolding to help the students to understand the assignment better.”

Laurie Hanna

I have the same issue with sometimes not being able to understand complex material through reading online text especially when it is very technical. I get a better understanding once the information is broken down by the professor and explained in a face to face setting.

What did you learn in the discussion this week that will be useful to you or that changes the way you view something?

I learned the importance of an Instructional Designer’s role in delivering instruction in an online environment. I also learned the importance of the instructor implementing learning tools in a correct manner. If the implementation isn’t done correctly, it can jeopardize students’ learning experience. I also became familiar with many of the new trends in e-learning along with many of the difficulties instructors and instructional designer face when attempting to implement learning techniques that are originally from face to face environments.


3 thoughts on “Module 5

  1. I wasn’t able to make it to the synchronous meeting either, but I really was impressed with the recorded version. I was surprised that we were able to view our classmates writing their comments and asking questions. It made it feel like I was there in real time.


  2. I felt the same way about being an Instructional Designer, I was not expected to think this was so important to play a role in e-learning. And now, I realized how important it is. Good job!


  3. You post proves the benefit of providing asynchronous access to sessions that were originally synchronous. I can see you got a lot out of the session even though you couldn’t participate live.


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