Module 2 (ETEC 501)

Choose one sector that most interests you – K-12, Higher Education, Business/Industry, etc. (as discussed previously). Discuss key trends in e-learning in the sector of your choice. You may explain the kinds of e-learning courses offered and the technology tools most commonly used for course delivery in this sector.

One area that interests me is e-learning in the Military. I’m sure we all are aware of the difficulties military personnel and their families have to face when it comes to education. They are never really settled anywhere due to the constant expectation of having to move when duty calls. My sister is married to a marine and it has been difficult for them to achieve a higher education through physically attending a university. One thing she told me is that they are encouraged to attend school online and are even offered funding from the military. E-learning has a made a significant impact on the military due to the convenience it has added to them. It takes several years to receive a college degree but at least with e-learning they are able to move at their own pace and complete the work on their own time.

E-learning is not only used for higher education in the miltary, but also for mandatory training. PulseDefense is a program by PulseLearning created for the military to enhance their skills and receive the training they need. The main areas of focus in this program are maintenance and operating training, secure training delivery systems, encrypted mobile data management, and simulated communication training.

Another interesting program I found is The Army Training Requirements and Resources System which was created soley for the military. The interesting thing about this program is that it is entirely free. They have over 5,000 courses in areas such as information technology, business skills, and interpersonal skills.

Summarize this week’s discussions. 

This course has been going well so far. The deeper I get into the course, the more of an understanding I have of what I am expected to do and how I am expected to do it. This week was a success as far as completing the assignment before the deadline and collaborating with my fellow students. I have been able to effectively manage my time, which helps me to be more thorough with my work. I feel that my work will only improve from here on out as I learn from my professor and classmates.

Quote your best post(s) from the week and explain why you feel these are the best.

“I believe e-learning is great for higher education, but I don’t think it has a positive impact on grade schools. Most younger aged students need to be pushed to get their assignments in on time, read course content, etc. so being on their own in an online environment might not be ideal for their success.”

Before reading the article Aeman posted regarding the implementation of e-learning in elementary schools, I never really thought about e-learning in this way. I didn’t experience e-learning up until college. When I posted this comment, it was something new to me that just came to my mind after evaluating the scenario and comparing it to past experiences.

Quote several of the best posts from other students. Explain why you chose the ones you present.

“Many of my f2f students–who have served in the military and are tech savvy–frequently take elearning classes; they are quite disciplined, see the value and very engaged. In fact, one of them commented that they prefer online because it eliminates distractions caused by younger students who have had fewer real world experiences.”

Victor Barocas

This post was very relevant to the topic I discussed on e-learning in the military. It was also very informative and I was able to relate to the thoughts on e-learning.

“Preparation for the new technology is the key for their successful use across all academic areas. Language, Math, Science, and Social Studies are all being taught in relatively new ways with all the new technology.”

Michael Verhasselt

I strongly agree with this statement. Everything is becoming reliant on technology making it exceedingly important for students to be taught this technology. In other words, you either learn the technology or get left behind.

“Fun e-learning programs help boost staff morale while reducing the time it takes for team members to integrate new skills and ideas.”

Jingyu Yang

It would definitely be delightful to have more of these fun e-learning programs integrated into our training programs. I work for a school district and most of our mandatory training has transformed into e-learning. It does cut down training time significantly but it isn’t as enjoyable as I would hope. Adding the “fun” to e-learning might be very beneficial to organizations in the sense that employees will be more likely to pay attention to the videos and really grasp the information.

What did you learn in the discussion this week that will be useful to you or that changes the way you view something?

There were many things I learned this week that were both interesting and changed my perspective on things. After researching the history of distance learning to develop a timeline, I learned that distance learning actually began through physically mailing assignments along with instructions back and forth from the professor and the students. I found this very interesting because I previously thought that distance learning began after the internet was created. I also learned the importance of e-learning in the military sector. It was amazing researching some of the programs offered to military personnel consisting of many benefits. There was also a lot to learn from my classmates’ postings. Their articles were very informative and provided with new perspectives on e-learning.


6 thoughts on “Module 2 (ETEC 501)

  1. Hi Fernando,

    Your blog is very easy to read and full of interesting comments and ideas. Thanks for sharing your family experience with online courses in the military. I tend to agree with you that fully online is probably not ideal for younger ages, but would you agree that technology is still important in the classroom and blended technologies are the way to go in today’s classroom?



    1. Hi Lorraine,

      Yes, I agree that technology is still important in the classroom and that it is the way to go. Students need to familiarize themselves with the new forms of technology in order to succeed in today’s workforce. Jobs are becoming more reliant on technology making it critical for people to adapt to these changes.

      Fernando Delgadillo


  2. Thanks for sharing the Military link; it’s great-

    This sounds like a Military version of Moodle. I loved that 40 of the classes are offered for college credit. I wonder what college is affiliated?
    In looking at it, I was struck by how desperately our colleges and universities need to partner our online classes so that students can access a larger bank of online classes from one site. The CCC system is just in the early stages of doing this. A student will be able to use one site to sign up for online classes at community colleges all over CA. This would work well for military. CCC Online Initiative-


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